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art realm of creativity, imagination and dreams

Creatives uniting with people of the same or similar interests, passions and dreams? Welcome, and I'm elated you've come to explore! I'm Rainbow Wang, the artist behind all the work in my 'art realm.' My home country where I grew up in and am from is Beijing, China, but I am also very international where I have lived in and moved between three different countries so far during my life: from China to England to America. I graduated from the University of Reading in the UK with a joint degree in BA Art and Film, and I'm currently based in Connecticut in the United States. I am dedicated, steadfast, determined, hardworking, persistent, and have a wonderful, remarkable artistic eye for detail.


I am very ardent about the creative fields of art, reading, writing, fashion, photography and film. My favorite main sports that I do are gym and distance running but I am also enthusiastic about badminton, cycling and swimming. In addition, I love singing and dancing and constantly have a fervent spirit and heart for adventure and travel. 

I am very into art that is intricate, terrific, remarkable in color, majestically beautiful and sublime. Art that depict narrative and story realms as if they are scenes from books and movies brought to life. Whenever I am bringing about my ideas, I would be creating worlds which I would love to live and be immersed in. My favorite style, themes and genres of art which I am most ardent about are in fashion, photography and modelling, as well as sci-fi / science fiction, adventure and fantasy.

Currently I am mainly focusing on traditional sketching and painting, but I am also avid in trying out and exploring more of digital art (e.g. Procreate). I create artwork from both observation and imagination. The books I read, movies and TV shows I watch, and places I travel to are the best and most fantastic inspirations and influences of the art and writing that I love to create.

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