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crystalline time

Art Mediums & Materials

oil painting on canvas


46 cm x 61 cm / 18 in x 24 in

Creation Process

created from imagination


May to June 2020

The idea was inspired by Sabrina Carpenter's music video for her song “Eyes Wide Open.” The scenes where she’s singing in a room full of scintillating, shining diamonds or bright silver crystals dangling from the roof are some of my favourite parts, because I’m enthralled by the sparkling, splendid beauty of those scenes and the camera framing and focusing. I had also been partly thinking of the scene in Disney’s 𝗙𝗿𝗼𝘇𝗲𝗻 (2013) movie in which Anna, Kristoff and Sven first meet Olaf in a snowy pine forest, where thousands of trails of tiny frozen ice crystals are hanging from the branches of the trees. I chose colours of arctic blue, lavender purple and light pink because it was around how I always visualized it to look.

I had done the development sketch for this painting on paper at first before transferring it using grids onto canvas. The biggest problem I ran into was that there was a slight, subtle difference in scale between the paper and canvas, so that while I was transferring the girl onto canvas, I couldn’t get her to look EXACTLY the way I wanted her to like on paper. I worked incredibly hard endeavouring to achieve this and had spent hours for consecutive nights completely exhausting myself…to no fruitfulness. And when comparing the two results, I still felt that my original development sketch of the girl is prettier. Painting the crystal patterns and achieving the blurriness effect for some of them also took a lot more time and effort than I imagined!! Pretty happy with the result, though.

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