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Art Mediums & Materials

colored crayons and permanent markers on paper


42.0 cm × 59.4 cm / A2 size

Creation Process

created from imagination


February to March 2020

The drawing was inspired by art I’ve seen online by Amanda Sage from Denver, Colorado. Her style is generally very colourful and psychedelic, her works exquisitely beautiful and magnificent. They're exactly the kind I always adored, and at that time I was also having the idea to create a colourful, psychedelic portrait piece of my own, filled with plenty of fancy, intricate patterns and designs.

I had originally visualized just a plain, expressionless female face staring directly at the audience, but later changed it to a young guy. I was sort of going for a ‘modelling’ look which you’d see in celebrity photoshoots. You know, typical young actor/artist/athlete with that scowling, quizzical, casual, nonchalant expression on camera? Like that. Thought it would be interesting and exciting to draw, which was why I created it.

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