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Sabrina Carpenter Converse photoshoot

Art Mediums & Materials

pencil sketch on paper


42.0 cm x 59.4 cm / A2 size

Creation Process

drawn from observation using an online image as reference


July 2020

I feel the need to practice observational drawings of people again! I wanted to do the whole human figure instead of a cropped section or only part of the body, as I wanted to practice getting the scale of the entire human figure correct and depict their proportions accurately.
Sabrina Carpenter is one of the young artists and actors around my age who I admire a lot. I really like her music and acting, therefore I chose her to work from in my drawing. I found one of the images of her Converse photoshoots online and tried to ‘copy’ that as best as I can.

Once again, I had to work with the division of eight sections of the human figure in order to get the scale right and fit Sabrina’s whole body and the chair she’s sitting on all within the paper’s frame. The trick was in working out drawing only the top half four sections of her body from head to butt, and then ‘folding and overlapping’ the bottom half four sections over that, since Sabrina is sitting instead of standing. I needed to take into account the overall pose and position of the human body as they can be challenging to depict accurately if a person is in motion or if they aren’t standing upright.

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